November 25, 2021
interactive Facebook ads

Facebook is Trying to Make Ads more Appealing by Expanding it Interactive Formats

Facebook is expanding its interactive ad formats to more brands, attempting to improve its main stream of revenue…

It’s certainly not likely the public will ever see an ad-free Facebook interface. But, the company is trying to change things up a bit by making its ads more interactive.

Facebook Expands Interactive Ad Formats

Facebook is making its playable ad format available worldwide. Additionally, it’s expanding its interactive ad format access.

The company is opening video poll ads for the News Feed on mobile. Also, the social network is making game play available for advertising. This is a way brands garner user interaction, by offering games.

Facebook will likewise opening a beta program for its augmented reality ads. It’s already tested the format mid-last year.

Whether users will like the experiences remains to be seen.

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