September 30, 2022
Facebook local government alerts expand

Facebook to Expand its Local Government Alert System to more Locations across the US

Facebook is expanding its nearby alert system to more local governments around the United States, providing residents with vital information…

Facebook has revealed it will expand its local government alert feature to all eligible Pages by the end of the year. This will provide local authorities with another way to spread urgent information quickly.

Facebook Expands Local Government Alerts across the US

The Facebook local government alert system works by giving nearby agencies the ability to mark posts on their Pages. Users within affected areas will then see the information, whether it’s about dangerous weather conditions or threats against soft targets. So, people can take appropriate actions, once notified.

Anthea Watson Strong, Product Manager for Today In, writes the following:

“Since early 2018, we’ve partnered with local authorities across the country to test this new, free tool designed to help them communicate urgent, need-to-know information when it directly affects people in their communities or requires them to take action.

When authorities mark posts as local alerts, we greatly amplify their reach so that people living in an affected community are much more likely to see them. We send notifications to people living in the affected area, and we also show that information on Today In.”

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