May 27, 2022
Facebook cable television packages

Facebook might Actually Sell Cable Television Packages from HBO, Showtime, and More to Users for Them to Watch on Facebook

Facebook cable television packages might come to the social network, through HBO, Showtime, and/or Starz, for users to watch on the platform…

Social giant Facebook continues to face problems with a decline in original content broadcasting (people sharing less organic posts). So, the digital corporation is looking for other ways to get users to log-in and stick around.

One strategy is to offer cable television packages. That’s right. Facebook is now exploring selling cable network subscriptions for its users to watch, on Facebook, of course.

Facebook Explores Selling Cable Television Packages

Currently, the social network has a dedicated watch space for original content called Facebook Watch. Right now, over 75 million people per day to nearly 400 million per month tune-in to watch at least 1 minute of Facebook watch each day. On average, the same 75 million daily viewer watch over 20 minutes. Since this is the case, Facebook might begin offering HBO, Showtime, and others to stream on its app.

Recode reports the following:

“The social network is talking to pay TV channels including HBO, Showtime and Starz about a proposal to sell those companies’ streaming TV services on Facebook. Consumers who subscribed to the channels could watch them on Facebook’s own properties — mostly likely via Facebook’s ‘Watch’ hub — but could also likely view them on other platforms and devices, like Roku TVs.”

Facebook head of video Fidji Simo said in a company blog post:

“We know that in the age of ‘peak TV,’ simply being entertaining or having high production values isn’t good enough.”

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