September 18, 2022
Facebook facial recognition identity verification

Facebook is Now Testing a Facial Recognition Tool that Verifies Users’ Identities

Facebook is experimenting with a new tool that verifies identities using facial recognition, but it might never go fully live…

Code sleuth Jane Manchun Wong is back with another surprise. This time, it resides in the Facebook mobile app. It’s a facial recognition system, used to verify users’ identities.

Facebook Facial Recognition Identity Verification Tool Test Uncovered

The experimental Facebook facial recognition identity verification tool prompts users to take video selfies. Users are directed to look in different directions in order to capture all sides of their faces.

The test version seems to work much like Apple’s Face ID and other systems. Facebook also states nobody else will see the selfie videos. Plus, the company says it deletes the clips after 30 days.

What’s more, there’s a brief mention of an updated process for submitting official government ID in order to verify accounts. Users are merely asked to take a photo of their official picture ID on a flat, well-lit surface for submission.

While the code might exist now inside the Facebook mobile app, this doesn’t mean it will make its way out to wide release.

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