June 22, 2022
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Facebook to Factor Website Load Time for Businesses

Facebook is driving businesses to speed-up website load time in an effort to gain more ad clicks and improve user experience on the social network…

Website load time is a critical user experience and search engine optimization factor. So important, Facebook is beginning to factor website load time into its advertising auction. Just this Wednesday, the world’s largest social media site started preloading ads before users click on them.

The company states slow internet connections average between 8 and 14 seconds to load websites. One recent study revealed nearly 40 percent of users abandon a slow-loading website if it takes more than 3 seconds to populate. Because of this, Facebook is factoring load time in order to determine which of its users see any given ad.

Facebook to Factor Website Load Time for Businesses

The ultimate goal is to improve user experience on the social network, the company says. However, the social network currently won’t disclose specifics about how it deems which users see brand ads in relation to load time. Although load time is a known problem as over 40 percent of small businesses do not have mobile optimized sites. Google introduced a penalty last year, coined as “mobilegeddon,” which pushes non mobile-optimized sites’ organic rank down.

“Speed, a good user experience, meeting their expectations of something loading quickly. Going back to the research, that’s what people expect,” Matt Idema, Facebook’s Monetization Product Marketing VP, explains.

Facebook isn’t the only company making policy changes regarding brand advertising. Recently, Google announced a new penalty for pop-up ads and interstitials will debut in January. The search giant explains such ads detract from user experience. Ironically, Facebook continues an attempt to bypass ad blocking software its users employ to escape advertisements.

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