September 10, 2021
Facebook Family Targeting

Facebook Filed a Patent that Would Let it Use Family Photos to Serve Up more Targeted Ads

The Facebook Family Targeting program might soon have a supplemental tool which gives the social network the power to deliver more ads…

Facebook filed a new patent that would make it easier for the platform to target whole families with ads.

The social corporation filed an application on May 10th and published yesterday, describes an algorithm which can identify elements of pictures. It would then cross-reference those elements, such as faces and other details, against previously collected data. Ultimately, it would build a profile of an entire family.

Facebook Family Targeting Ad Program Expands

The tool will use different factors to deduce how many people live in a particular household using things like IP address, other Facebook users living at the same address, along with other details. It would also use demographic information, most likely gender, age, and socioeconomic status.

Facebook would then use all this additional information to sell to businesses so they can distribute more targeted ads.

What’s most impressive (or disturbing) is that Facebook could gather enough information from photos to learn how many people and their ages and genders live in households, even if those family members aren’t on the social network.

However, the language in the application is broad, so most of this is hypothetical, although it’s completely possible.

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