October 1, 2022
Facebook February Moments

Facebook February Moments Video Rolls Out

The Facebook February Moments video is making its way out to users across the social network, compiling a familiar picture collage set to music…

The Facebook February Moments video is now appearing to Android and iOS users. Like its predecessors, the collection again features photos taken through the month, set to cheerful background music. This is part of an ongoing campaign to prod users to share more. And, it’s a continuation of the company’s efforts to get people to engage.

Facebook February Moments Video Goes Live

In August of last year, Facebook announced it would serve more memory collages. And, the social giant kept its word. The company released Spring MemoriesJuneJuly, and AugustSummer Memories, as well as September and October memory collections.

These collages are actually meant to boost time-on-site and original content broadcasting — two metrics the world’s largest social platform is beginning to struggle with. In fact, a recent report from Edison Research revealed the social network’s usage was decidedly down for the first time among American users in November. That report showed a decline from 67 percent to 62 percent in American users 12 years of age and older. What’s more, the social site is either down or flat in every single demographic. (Whether it’s age groups, gender, or ethnicity.)

The latest tracking analysis also reveals a worsening situation. In December, time-on-site dropped 18 percent, a substantial decrease from the previous month. This represents a 24 percent decline in time spent per user.

When the phenomenon first manifested, Facebook called it “context collapse.” At the time, it meant users shared less organic content but stayed on the network longer. Now, the company is losing in more categories.

How to Get the Facebook February Moments Video

To retrieve and share Facebook February, simply log on to the mobile Android or iOS app. If available, it will appear right at the top of the News Feed. It is important to note Facebook only serves its memories collections automatically. No dedicated page or option is available to retrieve the collages manually.

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