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Facebook Still Follows its Users Around, Even if they Turn the Tracking Tool Off, to Sell more Targeted Ads

Facebook user location tracking

Credit: Pexels / Creative Commons

Facebook still tracks its users, even when they opt-out of the program, in order to gather more data to sell even more targeted ads…

Social corporation Facebook tracks users who have turned off the tracking tool. The practice is to collect as much individual data as possible in order to serve up more appropriately targeted ads. Of course, Facebook isn’t alone in this practice — many internet companies do the same.

Facebook Follows Users Around the Web Even after Turning Off Location Tracking

Facebook tracks users who opt-out of its web tracking system through a variety of means. The social site uses IP addresses to help pinpoint people. Plus, it also uses actions like event attendance, location check-ins, as well as other tools.

Obviously, Facebook isn’t alone in doing this to social media users. Major online retailers, brick-and-mortar shops with mobile apps, and a plethora of others, also track consumers. 

It’s a very ubiquitous practice in this tech-heavy day-and-age because it helps corporations sell their products and services by targeting the right people.

This is yet another reminder that when something is ostensibly free to the public, the users are actually the product being sold.

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