January 12, 2022
Facebook Friends Section

Facebook Friends Section Material Design Change Spotted

A modified Facebook Friends Section material design is now appearing for some Android users with version, featuring new list sorting options…

In an apparent test, the Facebook Friends Section Material Design now includes list sorting categories, at least for some Android users on version, in the United States. 

Facebook Friends Section Material Design Makeover Appears

As pictured below, the new Facebook Friends Section material design features three options for seeing connections: “Things In Common,” “City,” and “Education.” Tapping on any category instantly resorts the friends list.

Facebook Friends Section

This is yet another example of the social network’s continuous battle against declining original content. The platform currently enjoys high user engagement, but fewer individuals post original content daily.

From mid 2014 to mid 2015, original posts, containing text and photos, declined by 21 percent. In response, Facebook set up a team to combat the phenomenon it calls “context collapse” for “original content broadcasting.”

In December of last year, Facebook status update background colors rolled out. More recently, a status update background color ‘Try It Now’ prompt began appearing, enticing users to share more organic content. 

At this time, it’s unclear how many users see the new Friends Section material design change or what regions in which it’s available. Currently, there is no confirmation or announcement on the official Facebook news site.

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