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Facebook just Launched its Own Gaming Hub App but Only People in One Country can Play

Facebook gaming hub Android app

Credit: Facebook

A new Facebook gaming hub Android app just showed up in the Google Play Store, but it’s limited to just one region at this time…

Unbeknownst to many, Facebook actually introduced a streaming gaming portal on its site back in June. Called “,” it’s a repository of video game streaming on Facebook. It recommends content based on people and Pages followed. Users can even support their favorite creators by purchasing “Facebook Stars.”

Facebook Gaming Hub Android App Now available on Google Play in the Philippines

Turns out, it’s not really a place to play games. Instead, it’s a section of the site to watch others play. Something very familiar to rival YouTube. (For those unfamiliar with this phenomenon, it’s where people watch live streams or prerecorded video of one or more person playing a game. Usually, creators share tips and tricks, as well as comment on the game experience itself.)

It’s been available on desktop for the past few months. Now, it’s also accessible through a new mobile app. It appeared just a few weeks ago but it’s region-locked to the Philippines.

The section is yet another attempt to capture at least a little market share from YouTube and Twitch. However, Facebook isn’t exactly known for this sort of offering. In fact, it’s most ambitious play for getting users to watch original content is called Facebook Watch. And, very few people even know it exists. Moreover, those who do know about it don’t watch it.

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