September 16, 2022
Facebook Gaming Licensed Music Deal Lets Creators Add Tunes to Their Streams

Facebook Gaming’s Creators can Now Add Licensed Music to their Streams

Facebook Gaming hosts can now add licensed music tracks to their streams, thanks to a huge deal with some of the biggest labels…

Back in April, Facebook introduced Gaming, its rival to Twitch and YouTube. While the network already offers various games through different means, it’s been giving people yet another alternative. Now, there’s more reason to switch over — for gamers and viewers alike. This, thanks to a new partnership with several music labels, including Universal, Warner, Sony, BMG, Kobalt, and Merlin.

Facebook Gaming Licensed Music Deal Lets Creators Add Tunes to Their Streams

Now, hosts can add a “vast amount” of tunes to their streams without fear of being hit with copyright takedown notices. Although, not everyone has access to the option. For the time being, it is limited to streamers with partnership status. However, Facebook says it is working to bring the same privilege to Level Up creators, as well. So, it will expand to an even larger pool of creatives.

For those concerned about music tracks overtaking their narration and/or games’ sound effects, that shouldn’t be a problem. Any music added will stream secondary to the host’s voice and the game’s built-in sound effects. But, Facebook warns that it won’t allow creators to abuse the option. The social network cautions, “Playing DJ without gaming is a no-no.”

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