January 12, 2022
Facebook Gaming mobile app

Facebook Releases New Mobile Gaming App to Challenge Twitch and YouTube

Facebook has unveiled its mobile gaming application, with a heavy focus on live-streaming, which will go directly up against Twitch and YouTube…

If there’s one constant about Facebook, it’s the social corporation’s never-ending bid to take over the internet. While the network already offers various games through different means, it’s now giving people yet another alternative to Twitch and YouTube, the leading sources for live-streaming.

Facebook Gaming Mobile App Debuts

The new Facebook Gaming mobile app platform brings with it some casual games, along with a few community functions. But, it’s main raison d’etre is live-streaming — precisely what Twitch and YouTube are already widely known for in the gaming community. 

Facebook Gaming will allow users to catch-up with their favorite streamers (ostensibly) and contains a Go Live feature to broadcast mobile games — including games outside the app — through users’ Facebook pages.

Instead of ad revenue powering the new Facebook gaming portal, the company is first relying on viewer “stars,” which are akin to Twitch’s bits, to earn money. Although, this certainly doesn’t guarantee ads won’t be a part of the experience sometime in the future.

Facebook Gaming is only available on Android, but that will change, once Apple approves the app for its customers. What’s unclear is how it will work in relation to live-streams, as Apple App Store policies may prohibit broadcasting through third-party programs.

Facebook started testing different versions of the app in Latin America and Southeast Asia approximately 18 months ago. Now, it’s apparently ready for more expansive audiences.

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