August 15, 2020
Facebook Gaming watch-time increased by 210 percent in 2019

Facebook Gaming Viewership Ballooned Incredibly in 2019 but Remains much Smaller than Competitor Twitch

Facebook experienced a colossal jump on its Facebook Gaming streaming platform last year, but Twitch still far outperforms it…

It’s no secret Facebook wants to be everything to everyone. The social network is not only the world’s largest, but also wants to be the home for buying and selling with its Marketplace, and for entertainment, with Watch.

The company is also trying to takeover game streaming, wrestling it away from Twitch, which currently sits at the top of the niche. And, it’s most definitely made some headway in that direction, with Facebook Gaming viewership growing incredibly last year.

Facebook Gaming Watch-Time Increased by 210 Percent Last Year

Facebook Gaming jumped from a 3.1 percent market share in 2018 to nearly ten percent, 8.5 percent, by December 2019. This represents a huge increase of 210 percent in monthly watch-time from year-over-year to total 102 million hours viewed.

To put that in some context, when combining YouTube Gaming, Twitch, Mixer, and Facebook Gaming, there were 1.19 billion hours watched in December of last year along. That too, is up from the previous year, which reached 1.06 million hours watched.

Additionally, on average, Facebook Gaming streamers broadcast 63 more hours in 2019, compared to the year before in 2018.

Twitch remains the top game viewing platform, growing from 715.6 million to 728 million year-over-year. However, its market share fell from 67.1 percent down to 61 percent.

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