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Facebook Accidentally Deleted an Obscure Foreign Language from its Platform for a Few Hours

Facebook Glitch Blocks Jinghpaw Language for Hours

Credit: Adweek

A Facebook glitch caused a relatively unknown language to be blocked from The social Network for a few hours, resulting in some users panicking….

For a good portion of a day, a bug in Facebook’s software caused an entire language to be inaccessible to its native speakers. The problem affected a small demographic in Southeast Asia, in the country of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

Facebook Glitch Blocks Jinghpaw Language for Hours

On the 16th of January, Facebook users in Myanmar received an error message, alerting them to a posting problem in their native Jinghpaw language. It directly affected the Kachin people, who are a small Christian group residing in a predominantly Buddhist country.

The issue persisted for a few hours, causing some of the ethnic community to believe the social network was specifically targeting the minority ethnic group in a censorship move.

Although, this turned out not to be the case. Rather, it was due to a flaw that coincided with the social network uploading a new identification system to coordinate with languages in that region.

The error lasted long enough for members of the Kachin community to call on Facebook to be more transparent about its operations, particularly when it can impact minority groups.

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