September 19, 2022
Facebook and Google Photos media transfer support

Facebook Now Allows Users in the US and Canada to Transfer Media to Google Photos

Facebook users located in the United States and Canada can now transfer media files between the social network and Google Photos…

It’s now possible for Facebook users in the US and Canada to transfer both image and video files to Google Photos. It works via the Data Transfer Project, which is an agreement between internet giants Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter. (The arrangement is intended to make it easier for consumers to move files between the services, so content isn’t locked onto one platform.)

Facebook-Google Photos Media Transfer Support Debuts in the US and Canada

Facebook first introduced the tool last year in 2019 and it’s already live in a number of other countries. Now, it’s going live to Facebook users in the United States and Canada. The transfer tool is available for active accounts by going to this page on Facebook.

In order to use the Facebook Data Transfer tool, go to the page and click on “Your Facebook Information” in settings. Then, look for the drop-down box under “Choose Destination.” Right now, it only has one option, Google Photos, but will ostensibly include others sometime in the future.

The companies first introduced the Data Transfer Project after the European Union adopted the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR.

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