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Facebook Now Testing Greeting Buttons

Facebook Greetings buttons

Credit: Facebook / The Next Web

A Facebook Greetings buttons test surfaces, spotted just a short time ago, which appear on users’ profile page, beneath their display pictures…

Apparently, Facebook is testing yet another new feature — Greetings buttons. These appear directly under users’ display photos on their profile pages. Basically, it looks like an expansion of the ‘Hello’ feature launched last month to a limited group of users.

Facebook Greetings Buttons Test Spotted

The new Facebook Greetings buttons include a hello, hug, wink, poke, and high-five. (They reveal themselves when tapping and holding the Hello icon.) The buttons function quite similar to how post Reactions work.

When a user receives a greeting, a notification appears. Interacting with it takes the user to the sender’s profile page. Thereafter, the recipient may respond in kind with another greeting.

This is curious considering there are already a number of ways to interact with friends on the social network. It’s somewhat a throwback to the SuperPoke, which debuted in 2007. That strange set of actions included bite, grope, spoon, worship, and more. It served as a way for users to select certain actions which friends could then use to get their attention.

Of course, this is just a test and the feature might well not make its way to a wide roll out.

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