September 17, 2022
Facebook Groups buy sell stolen credit card information

Security Group Find Dozens of Facebook Groups Buying and Selling Stolen Credit Card Information

Security team Cisco Talos finds dozens upon dozens of Facebook Groups openly buying and selling credit card information…

We tend to think of stolen credit card trafficking as a near dark web exclusive. But, security firm Cisco Talos would most certainly argue otherwise. The cyber protection team has found literally scores of Facebook Groups buying and selling credit cards and other personal information.

Facebook Groups Buying and Selling Stolen Credit Card Information

The security firm tracked down 74 groups in all, with approximately 385,000 members. Although, this wasn’t a particularly difficult task.

Talos says anyone with a Facebook account only needs to search terms like “spam,” “carding” or “CVV,” to find these groups. What’s more, the Facebook algorithms actually suggest similar groups.

Talos tried to intervene through Facebook’s online abuse platform but found mixed results. The firm eventually directly contacted Facebook’s security group:

“Talos initially attempted to take down these groups individually through Facebook’s abuse reporting functionality. While some groups were removed immediately, other groups only had specific posts removed. Eventually, through contact with Facebook’s security team, the majority of malicious groups was quickly taken down, however new groups continue to pop up, and some are still active as of the date of publishing. Talos continues to cooperate with Facebook to identify and take down as many of these groups as possible. “

A similar report from last year likewise discovered credit card and social security information being traded on Facebook.

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