September 23, 2021
Facebook Groups paid access

Facebook is Now Testing Letting Group Admins Charge Members for Access

It appears Facebook Groups paid access are a real thing, although in just a test pilot program, but the social network is assessing how such setups work…

For years, people have circulated hoaxes about Facebook charging users to access the network. Now, Facebook is actually going the pay-to-play route but in a different way. A new Facebook Groups paid access pilot program is under testing with “a small number of groups.” And, it opens the possibility for more admins to follow suit, in the future.

Facebook Groups Paid Access in Testing

Everyone knows the motto, “it’s free and always will be,” appears right on the homepage. But, there are still ways Facebook charges its users. For instance, Page owners pay to boost posts for increased exposure. Recently, the company introduced sponsored Marketplace listings. (The section where users sell stuff and can now pay to promote their items.) And now, it’s testing paid access for groups.

“We hear from group admins that they’re looking for ways to help them earn money to deepen engagement with their members and continue to support their communities,” Facebook groups Product Director Alex Deve wrote in a blog post

Deve pointed out group admins can already create subscriber-only content. Plus, group admins can also use third-party tools for payments. But, the social network is taking it a step further.

One such example is Organize My Home. It charges $14.99 per month for “mini-projects, group challenges, trainings, and live Q&A.” Two more groups charging for access are Grown and Flown Parents: College Admissions and Affordability and Meal Planning Central Premium. The former offers access to college counselors, while the latter provides members with weekly meal plans and organized shopping lists.

“As we learn from this pilot and understand how group members feel about subscription groups, we’ll continue to improve this experience to help admins offer more to their members and continue to invest in their communities,” Deve explains.

Presently, Facebook allows eligible group admins to charge a monthly rate, ranging between $4.99 and $29.99, according to TechCrunch. However, Facebook isn’t taking a percentage of the fees during the trial run but that could very well change in the future

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