October 1, 2022
Facebook Groups go secret to avoid infiltration

Several Facebook Groups went Secret Last Week and Here’s Why

A significant number of Facebook Groups switched over to secret last week, in an attempt to avoid bad actors from planting prohibited content…

Late last week, several Facebook Groups suddenly switched over to secret. Apparently, this maneuver came in response to a new threat.

The groups were trying to avoid infiltration by bad actors who were joining other groups and posting non-standard-compliant images. Thereafter the new members who report the groups to Facebook, seeking bans.

Facebook Groups Switched to Secret Mode Due to Possible Infiltration

The abrupt switch to secret for Facebook Groups was possibly due to the work of the Indonesian Reporting Commission. But, this remains unknown at this time and so it’s mostly a rumor.

The net effect is when groups go secret, they can no longer be found through searching. And, even worse is by Facebook’s own rules, Groups can only change their settings once every 28 days, with a 24-hour window to reverse said change.

This means if a group goes secret and doesn’t reset back, it’s essentially off of Facebook for roughly a month’s time.

A Facebook spokesperson told The Next Web the following:

“We removed several Groups from Facebook after detecting content that violated our policies. We since discovered that this content was posted to sabotage legitimate, non-violating Groups. We’re working to restore any Groups affected and to prevent this from happening again.”

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