November 2, 2022
hidden Facebook Like count

Facebook is Now Experimenting with Hiding Like Counts

Facebook is in the midst of testing hiding Like counts, following its subsidiary Instagram, which did the same back in July…

For some time now, rumors have suggested Facebook would begin experimenting with hiding Likes, just as it did with Instagram. In the latter case, the company started in Canada, eventually expanding it to six other countries. Now, its parent company is doing the same, beginning in Australia.

Facebook Hidden Like Count Test Underway

The new Facebook hidden Like count test is live Down Under and it means people can still like and add emoji reactions to others’ posts. But, the public can’t see how many others did the same. 

The number of Likes is still viewable to the original author. However, those counts are now concealed from everyone else. 

Facebook states it’s conducting this test because it wants users to focus on content, not reactions from others. The social network wants people to pay attention to photos and videos, not want others might think about various media.

Although this does pose a challenge for influencers, Facebook is betting it will do more good than harm for the vast majority of its user base.

Facebook hidden Like count test screenshot
Credit: Facebook

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