September 17, 2022
Facebook Highlights from This Week feature

Facebook ‘Highlights From This Week’ Appears

An apparently new Facebook ‘Highlights From This Week’ feature now appears on Android version, in what might be limited testing for some users…

Found in Notifications, a new Facebook ‘Highlights From This Week’ feature pops up, with a breakdown of interactions, complete with statistics. 

Facebook ‘Highlights from This Week’ Rolls Out

As seen pictured below, in Android native mobile app version, a section dubbed “Highlights From This Week,” contains the number of Reactions, Friends, and Comments. Below the profiles is a prompt reading, “Post more for your friends to respond,” along with a “Start a Post” call-to-action bar.

Facebook Highlights from This Week

Underneath the “Start a Post” call-to-action bar, is a list of “People Who Responded Most.” The reason for such additions are to increase user engagement and organic sharing. While the former is actually strong, the latter continues to plague the social network. From mid 2014 to mid 2015, original posts, containing text and photos, declined by 21 percent. Facebook set up a team to combat the phenomenon it calls “context collapse” or “original content broadcasting.”

In December of last year, Facebook status update background colors rolled out. More recently, a status update background color ‘Try It Now’ prompt began appearing, enticing users to share more original content. 

At this time, it’s unclear how many users see the new Facebook ‘Highlights From This Week’ feature or what regions in which it’s available. Currently, there is no confirmation or announcement on the official Facebook news site.

However, Facebook color link previews just began appearing on the mobile app. And, a new Facebook native app material design tweak appears for some users.