April 8, 2021

Facebook Home Passes 500k Downloads, Gets Negative User Reviews

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Menlo Park, California–Facebook Home, now available on Google Play, has hit the 500,000 download mark, which is near the total amount of Twitter users, though its supported device, the new HTC smartphone, won’t be out until this summer. However, the app is getting substantially more negative user reviews than praise.

Of the current 12,220 ratings by users who’ve downloaded Facebook Home, a whopping 6,427 or 53 percent are giving the mobile app just one star. Combined with two star reviews, negative reviews climb to 8,083 or just shy of 67 percent.

Facebook Home, Less Function, More Battery Drain

Most users point out the app’s limited capabilities and many state their disappointment, adding they’ll be uninstalling it. And while half a million downloads seems impressive given the app has only been available for about nine days, it represents only 0.05 percent of the social network’s 900 million registered users.

The relatively weak performance might be due to the fact that Facebook Home is only available to five devices, which include the HTC One, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Negative user reviews center mostly around the app’s “in your face” presence and complain that it puts too much of a load on the phone’s battery, causing it to drain a charge at a more rapid pace. “So I downloaded the app, and within 10 minutes of downloading, I uninstalled. Was not impressed by this app at all. Might be nice for some people, but not me,” one user wrote on the Google Play site.

Facebook Home Features

The app, which will find a proprietary home on a new HTC device come summer, is designed to put the social media site front-and-center on smartphones. It allows users to see their friends’ latest status updates, photos and more, right from the home screen. The app also allows users to chat while using other apps simultaneously.

But users apparently aren’t impressed, giving the app just 2.2 stars out of 5, to date. Facebook recently added new features to its platform, including a mood indicator as well as changes to its news feed.

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