September 16, 2022
Facebook Hunt for False News series

Facebook has Kicked-Off a ‘Hunt for False News’ Series to Inform Users about Misinformation

A new Facebook Hunt for False News series debuts, as the social network attempts to chronicle how it’s tackling the problem…

There are meme and obvious jokes which freely circulate around social media. Then, there’s information which gets misconstrued. But, there’s also the very real presence of fake and misleading information. The latter is what Facebook is dealing with in a new way.

“Every day, our team fights the spread of false news through a combination of technology and assessments from independent third-party fact-checkers. With every false story that surfaces, we learn a bit more about how misinformation takes shape online and, hopefully, how we can detect it earlier. In this new series, we’ll look at some pieces of false news that recently circulated on Facebook — both those we’ve caught and some we missed.”

In a nutshell, this is a tactic to reveal what a team at the world’s largest social network is doing about the ongoing problem. Basically, it’s a matter of employing AI, machine learning, and human moderators to detect and purge fake news.

Facebook ‘Hunt for False News’ Series Premiers

Antonia Woodford, product manager at Facebook shares three different instances where misleading or false information was circulating.

The first example was about CCTV footage. While the video itself was genuine, the captioning which accompanied it wasn’t real. The second, cited a photo of a person alleged to have attacked a Brazilian politician. It too, turned out to be false. The third was a post which claimed NASA was enlisting people to participate in a 60-day bed-rest study for up to $100,000. It was partial true and partially false.

Facebook is clearly trying to tell the public it’s sincere about finding and filtering out fake news. But, it’s a real challenge, given the amount of content posted every day. Read the full article here.

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