June 20, 2021
Facebook increasing North American contractor pay

Facebook to Increase Contractor Pay in North America for Content Moderators and Others

Facebook will raise the pay of its contractors, including content moderators and more, in North America…

Facebook will increase the hourly rate of pay for thousands of contractor workers in North America. Currently, the company’s base rate for contractors stands at $15 per hour. It will go up to $18 per hour, for many markets.

Facebook Increasing North American Contractor Pay

Contract workers in large metropolitan areas will receive a raise of $2 per hour. Workers in Seattle will get $20, up from $18. Meanwhile, people in the Bay Area will go from $20 to $22. The same $22 per hour rate will likewise apply to New York City and Washington DC.

The pay raises come after reports of contract workers, such as content moderators, suffering from mental health and emotion problems, due to the nature of their work.

Facebook will also require on-site counseling during its hours of operation. Additionally, moderators will have the ability to blur graphic images by default before viewing them.

Facebook states the changes will take effect by the middle of next year. For now, the pay raise will occur in North America, but the company will explore doing the same for other sites around the world.

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