July 24, 2021
Facebook Instagram down screenshot

Facebook, Instagram Down for Many Users, Down Detector Shows

Facebook and Instagram are currently down for many users, with error messages appearing on the desktop platforms for each site…

Facebook and its subsidiary, Instagram, are currently down for numerous users worldwide. Traffic is up big on Down Detector and Outage Report. Both services show each social media site experiencing server problems.

Facebook, Instagram Down for Several Markets

Instagram went offline at 11:10 am EST, with Facebook following soon after at 11:11 am EST. It appears the issue is widespread, with the east coast, west coast, and south of the United States, and the bulk of Europe out.

Facebook Instagram down

Currently, there is no status update on the official Facebook page. Users are posting screenshots of a Facebook error message. It reads, “Facebook is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to get back on within a few hours.” Here’s an outage map, showing the affected areas:

Facebook Instagram down outage map

While certainly an inconvenience to users, it’s catastrophic to the world’s largest social network. For every hour Facebook is down, it loses a serious amount of money. Using its $27.6 billion 2016 revenue as a guide, for every day the social network is down, it loses about $75.62 million dollars. Or roughly, $3.15 million dollars per hour.

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