October 20, 2021
Facebook Instagram favorites menu link

Facebook Drops Instagram Link to Favorites Menu

A new Facebook Instagram favorites menu link appears on the latest version of the Android app, repositioning it from the top section…

Over the weekend, a new Facebook Instagram favorites menu link appeared. Previously, users’ Instagram profile resided right below their Facebook profile and managed Pages.

New Facebook Instagram Favorites Menu Link Now Appears on the Android App

It’s a small change, although an important one. To be clear, not all Android (or iOS) users saw the alternate configuration. In the latest iteration, the Instagram link resides in the fourth position, under Discover People, Friends, and Events:

Facebook Instagram favorites menu link

Over the past several weeks, Facebook has moved a few of its menu buttons around. Just last week, the social network brought the Explore Feed to desktop. Additionally, it recently made its Order Food option available to all Android and iOS users in the U.S. 

Back in September, the company inserted a Recommendations button into its desktop platform and to its native apps. Before the existence of a dedicated button, users had to create and publish posts with specific language. For example, posts must contain at least two elements: a certain location and a recommendations request. (Even then, it was not guaranteed the post would be auto-tagged with the format.)

Facebook appears to gradually be unifying its subsidiaries in different ways. For instance, back in May, the social network began testing cross-app notifications for Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. At this time, there’s no information about the change on the company’s official blog. So, it’s unclear how many users see the new Instagram favorites link or in which markets it’s available.

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