August 9, 2022
Facebook Instagram time management dashboard

Facebook and Instagram Now Tell Users how Much Time They’re Wasting on the Platforms

A new Facebook-Instagram time management dashboard is going live over the next few weeks, to keep users abreast of their browsing behavior…

In an interesting and somewhat puzzling move, Facebook and subsidiary Instagram are introducing time management dashboards. It includes useful tools, such as daily limits and temporary muting of push notifications. The new features, called “Your time on Facebook” and “Your activity” on Instagram, are intended to assist users in adopting more healthy browsing habits.

Facebook-Instagram Time Management Dashboard Rolling Out

Although this seems out-of-the-blue, it isn’t. Just over a month ago, “Your time on Facebook” was spotted inside an unreleased version of the mobile app. The tools will begin to appear to users over the coming weeks. (Except for 1 percent of users who won’t see it to give the company a comparative behind-the-scenes look, Facebook says.)

When activated, Facebook users can simply tap the hamburger menu — the three horizontal lines — on the app. Scroll down to find “Your time on Facebook” and then tap. It’s under “Your activity” on Instagram, inside the settings menu, accessible through the gear icon on users’ profiles.

Facebook Instagram time management dashboard
Credit: Facebook

The dashboard is a visual layout of how much time spent on the app. Tapping on any bar will display the exact amount of time. Users can select five-minute increments to limit their time on the platforms. Once the limit is reached, users are notified via alerts. (Of course, they can simply dismiss the message and continue to browse.)

“We want these tools to be widely available to the whole community, and to anyone that would benefit from using them,” said Ameet Ranadive, who leads a team at Instagram devoted to users’ well-being. “It’s really important for people that use Instagram and Facebook to feel like the time that they spend with us is time well spent. That’s the whole purpose of this release.” 

Ranadive explains the company chose to release the option despite the fact it might have a negative impact on usage. Additionally, other similar features might well be introduced in the future, depending on how users interact with the tools.

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