October 23, 2021
Instagram WhatsApp Waze ownership polls

Over Half of Instagram, WhatsApp, and Waze Users don’t Know Who Owns These Apps

New Instagram, WhatsApp, and Waze ownership polls show that about half of the users of these apps don’t know who the parent companies are…

Slightly over half of American who’ve used WhatsApp in the past six months are completely unaware it’s owned by Facebook. Research conducted by privacy search engine DuckDuckGo found 50.42 of American WhatsApp users didn’t know the parent company.

More than Half of American Users don’t Know Who Owns Instagram, WhatsApp, and Waze

Nearly the same holds true for Waze. The same study revealed 56 percent of Americans who have used the navigation app in the past six months did not realize Google owns it.

It doesn’t end there. In a previous poll,┬áDuckDuckGo also found 57 percent of American adults had no idea Facebook owns Instagram.

Altogether, this might not come as a total surprise to those who follow social media and mobile technology closely. But, it does show there’s not a clear picture about which of the largest corporations own what.

Google purchased Waze five years ago in 2013 for $1.15 billion. Facebook acquired WhatsApp about a year later in February 2015 for a purchase price of $16 billion: $4 billion in cash and $12 billion remaining in Facebook shares. Facebook bought Instagram three years earlier in 2012 for $1 billion.

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