July 31, 2021
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Users can Now Watch Facebook and Instagram Videos Inside WhatsApp

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp videos are now completely compatible, thanks to a small update which no longer requires users to switch platforms…

WhatsApp has released a new update that greatly improves its UX or user experience. Now, when two people are chatting inside the app, people can play Instagram and Facebook videos right inside WhatsApp. Moreover, users can see a picture-in-picture view, even if they go from one chat to another. This is a big improvement, considering the two smaller platforms are Facebook subsidiaries.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Video Viewing Update Released

Facebook continues to work on integrating its various properties, providing users with a more seamless experience. In fact, last year, the company started giving users the power to post Instagram Stories to Facebook. Then, earlier this year, reports suggested a like feature would also come to WhatsApp. 

It’s a welcome change to watch Facebook and Instagram videos without having to leave WhatsApp and it’s already rolling out to iOS users. It will come to Android, as well, though there isn’t a specific release date.

WhatsApp Status just dethroned rival Snapchat, as it now claims 450 million DAUs or daily active users, compared to 187 million.