August 7, 2022
Facebook integrating Instagram and Messenger chats

Facebook is Blending Instagram and Messenger Chats into One

Facebook is beginning to roll out a change that’s merging Messenger and Instagram chats, signaling the start of cross-platform functionality…

Facebook is apparently one step closer to unifying its subsidiary apps. Last Friday evening, Instagram users were greeted with a message that read, “There’s a New Way to Message on Instagram.” Tapping on the button contained in the pop-up quickly transformed the Instagram chat logo into Messenger’s logo.

This move indicates Facebook is continuing to make good on its long-standing promise to bring cross-platform unification between Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. (Something users have wanted since Facebook bought the two services.)

Facebook Integrating Instagram and Messenger Chats

Facebook has suffered from chat fragmentation for quite some time now. This has been especially true in the past several years, when the social network acquired Instagram back in 2012, and WhatsApp two years later in 2014, for $1 billion and $19 billion, respectively.

Although Facebook owned these two platforms for many years, it never truly integrated them into its ecosystem to allow users to interact between one and another. The merger also takes Facebook one step closer to CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vision to not only blend its services, but to make them more secure, with end-to-end encryption. 

instagram and messenger chats merging
           Credit: Facebook / The Verge


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