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ICYMI: Facebook is Experimenting with a New Nextdoor-Like ‘Neighborhood’ Feature in Canada

Facebook is Testing a New Nextdoor-Like 'Neighborhoods' Feature

Facebook is working on a new feature called ‘Neighborhoods,’ a kind of Nextdoor copy, that would allow users to join community-based groups…

It its ongoing quest to swallow the entire internet, Facebook is developing a feature called Neighborhoods that allows people to join community-based groups. Unsurprisingly, the “new” section is very much like Nextdoor, a hyperlocal social networking service for neighborhoods that debuted about twelve years ago, in 2008, and serves approximately eleven countries, including in Europe and North America.

Facebook is Testing a New Nextdoor-Like ‘Neighborhoods’ Feature in Canada

When users join a local neighborhood, they must allow Facebook to use their location in order to display relevant posts, groups, and marketplace items from others in the same geographical area. The idea being, it could help people nearby connect and share things that are relevant to their locality. So, if Facebook does eventually release the feature to more markets, it would presumably take away a sizable market share from Nextdoor, which currently serves 268,000 neighborhoods around the world.

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