May 1, 2021
Facebook jobs listings

Facebook Vying to become the LinkedIn of Blue-Collar Jobs

A new Facebook jobs listings section is now live in forty-plus countries, giving local businesses and employment seekers a new way to connect…

LinkedIn is where professionals go to network and find new positions. But, it’s not a platform for low-skilled workers. So, Facebook is filling that void with its expanded Jobs listings.

Facebook Jobs Listings for Local Communities Rolls Out

The feature isn’t exactly new, it first appeared in 2016. Then, rolled fully out to the U.S. and Canada last year. Now, it’s in 40 more countries. It’s straightforward. Businesses can post job openings on their pages, the Jobs dashboard, in Facebook Marketplace, as well as place ads in the News Feed.

Meanwhile, job seekers can easily discover employment opportunities, autocomplete applications using their Facebook profile info, and communicate through Messenger to schedule interviews.

“One in four people in the US have searched for or found a job using Facebook. But 40% of US small businesses report that filling jobs was more difficult than they expected. We think Facebook can play a part in closing this gap,” VP of Local Alex Himel, explains.

This is a smart move, given its ability to micro-target local communities. It could well become a strong source of revenue for the social network. And, it will help the economies in small communities. It’s also another way for applicants without glowing resumes to connect to employers — something entirely different from LinkedIn.

Of course, the biggest challenge for job seekers is what employers can see about them on Facebook. But, the social company states only what’s public is visible. Still, it could become an issue in certain situations. 

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