October 1, 2022
Facebook July Memories collage

Facebook July Memories for iOS, Android, Celebrating Summer, Rolls Out

Facebook July Memories appear on Android, iOS, to celebrate summer, the latest user call-to-action to battle against context collapse…

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Facebook continues its user engagement stint with its latest CTA or call-to-action in the form of another collage, Facebook July Memories. Over the past few months, a number of these CTAs have appeared on the social network, to combat what the company internally calls, “context collapse,” or a decline in original content broadcasting.

Facebook July Memories Collage Appears on iOS, Android

Although the social platform has 2 billion users, organic sharing isn’t happening as much. People tend to share third-party posts, including photos, memes, news stories, videos, and more, rather than uploading original content.

In April, the network launched Facebook Highlights From This Week, then, followed it with Facebook Spring Memories. In late June, the social network introduced its Facebook Good Adds Up video to mark its 2 billion user milestone, then a Facebook June Memories collage appeared thereafter in early July.

Despite the fact the social network grew from 1.86 billion MAUs or monthly active users in February to 1.94 billion in June, to 2 billion in the same month, it nevertheless faces a strange dichotomy — users are spending more time on the platform but sharing less original content or what it calls original content broadcasting. 

How to Get Facebook July Memories

To get Facebook July Memories, users simply need to open the native mobile app on Android or iOS. If available, it will appear right atop the main News Feed, which looks like this:

Facebook July Memories

From there, a “Choose Photos” prompt appears. Note there’s an option at the bottom of the screen to select photos by uploading or to “Choose from Facebook.” 

how to get facebook july memories

Strangely, the “Choose from Facebook” option might be blank, as it was in this particular case. But, going through the prompts yielded five images and when finished, published the July Memories collage:

Facebook July Memories collage

Previous Memories campaigns proved successful for the social network and this should fare just as well.

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