September 22, 2021
Facebook Lasso

Facebook Reportedly Building a TikTok Competitor called Lasso

Facebook Lasso, a standalone mobile app, reportedly under development to challenge TikTok, might become available in the future…

Social giant Facebook is busy working to create another standalone app. It will launch to directly challenge TikTok, a popular 15-second video app. 

Facebook Lasso a TikTok Competitor, in the Works

Facebook Lasso would serve as an alternative to TikTok, a mobile app which allows users to record lip-syncing videos. It’s very popular with teens and that’s the demographic Facebook will target. A source tells TechCrunch:

“It’s basically TikTok/Musically. It’s full-screen, built for teens, fun and funny, and focused on creation. A lot of what they’re doing is just trying to be cool.”

Facebook just introduced a new feature which allows users to add music tracks to Stories and News Feed posts. These developments come nearly a year after Facebook inked a deal with Universal Music Group. That deal gives users the ability to upload and share videos containing music by UMG’s artists without violating copyright laws.

(Although Universal is the first to sign such an agreement, it isn’t the only label in talks with Facebook. In fact, the social network is also negotiating with Warner Music Group and Sony Music Group.)

TikTok took over after a $1 billion acquistion by ByteDance, a Chinese company.

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