January 15, 2021
Facebook Lasso

Facebook Copied Yet another App in Hopes of Attracting More Teen Users

Facebook Lasso, a copy of the popular app TikTok, a music playalong, is now available on both Android and iOS for download…

At the end of October, reports surfaced indicating Facebook was in the process of building a clone of TikTok, a popular app among teens and tweens. Well, it’s here and intended to lure those same teens and tweens into the Facebook ecosystem.

Facebook Lasso Debuts, a TikTok Clone

The fact is, Facebook doesn’t perform well among teens and tweens. The demographics largely prefer subsidiary Instagram (most particularly for Instagram Stories) and rival platform Snapchat.

The social network describes Lasso as an app which “makes it easy for anyone to create and share short videos with fun effects.”

Users can opt to follow creators, search for content via hashtags, and/or create video shorts with a whole host of tools.

Credit: Facebook

The launch comes after Facebook recently introduced a new feature which allows users to add music tracks to Stories and News Feed posts. And, nearly a year after Facebook inked a deal with Universal Music Group. That deal gives users the ability to upload and share videos containing music by UMG’s artists without violating copyright laws.

Since Facebook Lasso works within the social corporation’s massive universe, users don’t have to open a separate account. Instead, Facebook and Instagram users alike can sign-in directly using their established account credentials.

Facebook Lasso is now available for download on Android and iOS.

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