September 20, 2022
Facebook Lists

Facebook Pushing Users to Share More Personal Updates with New Lists Feature

In a continued effort to combat context collapse, a new option is slowly rolling out to personal status updates, Facebook Lists…

Facebook’s long-standing struggle with context collapse isn’t over. A lack and/or downward trend of original content broadcasting continues to dog the social network. (For those unfamiliar, context collapse is a phenomenon in which users spend more time on the platform but share fewer personal updates.) Now, the company is introducing a new status update option called Facebook Lists.

Facebook Lists Feature Rolling Out as New Status Updates Option

The new Facebook Lists feature performs a simple task — it allows users to create list. So, users can create a to-do list, a wish list, share travel ideas, and more. It also supports the colored background option. Plus, emojis are likewise available.

Facebook Lists screenshot
Credit: TechCrunch

What’s more, users can copy friends’ lists and then share and/or comment. It’s not widely available at this time. But, it will roll out globally beginning today. The new Facebook Lists feature is conveniently located in the status update field. It’s right there next to Polls, Feeling/Activity, Photo/Video, Check In, GIF, and other options.

Here again, this is yet another example of the social network’s ongoing problem. People are sharing fewer personal updates and the News Feed is mostly populated with third-party publisher and brand content. That’s causing a more passive experience which Facebook admits causes users to experience bad feelings. This is part of an effort to get users to share more personal content. Recently, it announced changes to the News Feed to surface more family and friend posts and less publisher and brand content.

This comes at a time when its user base actually declined for the first time. It recorded a loss of about 2.8 million US users under the age of 25 in 2017. Estimates project the social network to loss approximately 2.1 million more this year.

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