September 21, 2021
Facebook Lite App Dark Mode Rolls Out

Facebook Adds Dark Theme to Facebook Lite but Holds Back on its Flagship

Facebook brings a dark theme to its Lite mobile application but hasn’t applied the same option to its main platform yet…

In late January, Facebook began a limited test of a dark mode for its main Android app. This, after subsidiaries Messenger and Instagram gained support last year. But, there’s been little in the way of expansion — until now. It appears the world’s largest social network is bringing the feature to another of its apps.

Facebook Lite App Dark Mode Rolls Out

Facebook Lite app dark mode is here, though it’s still conspicuously absent on its flagship. (For those unfamiliar, Facebook Lite is a stripped down version of its main mobile application for use in regions with poor connectivity — mostly emerging markets.)

At this time, it’s only showing up to a small group of overall Lite users. Those who have access can enable it by tapping on the hamburger menu — the three horizontal lines at the top — and scrolling down to¬†Dark Mode.

Earlier experiments first became known in November of last year for the same option. It wasn’t until late in January it started to show up on Android. So, this could indicate a wider roll out is in the not-too-distant future.

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