November 5, 2022
Facebook live stream shopping

Facebook is Actually Testing Selling Products during Live Streams — but only in Thailand for Now

Facebook live stream shopping is now in testing in Thailand, giving content broadcasters a new way to make merchandise available to viewers…

There’s always a place to showcase goods to sell and Facebook has found yet another spot to do just that. The social corporation is now testing selling products during live streams, beginning in Thailand. 

Facebook Live Stream Shopping Test begins in Thailand

Now, when a seller highlights a certain product in a live broadcast, viewers might see a screenshot of said product. It’s actually a button which lets people send messages to the hosts, requesting to buy the products. The merchants are then able to forward payment requests through Messenger. So, it’s all done in the Facebook ecosystem, streamlining the purchase process.

The new Facebook live stream shopping test is now underway, involving a small group of independent sellers. It comes after a number of people have taken to the social network to sell a wide variety of items during Facebook Live sessions. These range from fashion items, to handbags, to cosmetics and more. 

Currently, sellers must rely on manual methods to transact and record sales. These include chatting with buyers during streams and more. But, with this addition, it makes the process a lot more simple.

For now, Facebook states it won’t take a cut from the payments made via live streams. But, that could well change, if it makes it out of the test phase and into a wider roll out.

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