August 4, 2022
desktop Facebook Live Top Live Video previews

Facebook Live Top Live Videos Previews Spotted on Desktop

Facebook Live Top Live Videos previews come to the desktop platform, giving users silent but animated views of other broadcast content options to watch…

Facebook is always looking for ways to get more eyes on its social network for as long as possible. Now, it appears the company is enhancing its live broadcast tool with new Facebook Live Top Live Videos previews.

Facebook Live Video Previews Now Appear on Desktop

As pictured below, the Top Live Videos appear just under the current live broadcast’s Reactions icons, with ten previews playing without sound. The first preview is “Now Playing,” with the second preview labeled “Up Next.” As usual, each of the Top Live Video previews include the number of people currently watching.

Facebook Live Top Live video previews

Clearly, this is a way to capture more video views, which keeps users on the desktop site longer, improving time on site, as well as engagement metrics. Those, of course, help to raise more revenue in the form of advertising. 

Facebook continues to bring new options to its network. Just last week, Explore Feed began appearing in the main navigation menu. The social network also snuck in a new camera GIF option for mobile devices. And, a post GIF button started appearing on some Android devices.

Facebook Live is a very popular marketing and branding tool. 

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