October 4, 2022
Facebook Lookalike Audiences

Facebook Lookalike Audiences Tool gets New Feature

The Facebook Lookalike Audiences tool just debuted a new feature to help small businesses reach an incredibly wide audience internationally…

The Facebook Lookalike Audiences tool is receiving a new feature. In a move to help small businesses reach a global audience, Facebook expanded its proprietary marketing tool to allow international user targeting. The new Facebook Lookalike Audiences component provides companies with the ability to automate previously manual demographic targeting in other countries.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences Tool gets New Feature

The social media company states the move intends to bolster small business’ reach. “As more and more people go mobile, Facebook is there with mobile-ready business Pages and advertising solutions to help you reach people in every country and on every device. We want businesses to grow, so we’re offering new solutions, global market insights and expert tips to help you expand to places you’ve never dreamed of before,” the company explains.

With the new Facebook Lookalike Audiences feature, the tool provides small businesses to engage international users’ profiles in 32 different countries. The desired result is to reduce small business owners’ efforts and time, while providing useful analytics to target potential global customers.

Along with the new feature, Facebook also provides businesses with specific region or trade zones user targeting. Marketing efforts are can effectively be refined based on how a company’s ads perform in each location. In addition to the new marketing feature announcement and launch, Facebook is launching a webinar to educate businesses about international marketing. The social site is also providing a handbook containing directions on how to discover and target the right global users.

Recently, Facebook suspended its Domain Insights tool to new publishers and is now factoring website load time into its ad practices.

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