September 30, 2022
Facebook M AI Messenger assistant

Facebook M AI Messenger Assistant Receives New Options

Facebook M AI Messenger assistant now sports more capabilities, including reminders, as well as voice and video call suggestions, making it more useful…

Facebook just made a few improvements to its M AI Messenger assistant. Launched back in April, Facebook M provides users with suggestion based on conversation context. Now, it’s getting a bit more sophisticated, along with improved social aspects. 

Facebook M AI Messenger Assistant Gets Improvements

The Facebook M AI Messenger assistant will now send proactive reminders about saved content, such as posts, articles, and videos through the “Saved” extension. This should become helpful to users who receive a big volume of content from friends. Another incoming feature are birthday reminders. 

Facebook M AI Messenger assistant example
Credit: Facebook / TechCrunch

Facebook M is also set to introduce voice and video call suggestions so users in a chat will likely see a prompt to make a one-on-one call or group call during that session.

Facebook M only debuted a couple of months ago, possibly to compete with Google Assistant. Thus far, its pace of adding new features is quite slow, perhaps a precautionary approach to not overwhelm users with too many options. Messenger is already packed with features, including money transfers, games, video and voice calls, and more.

The digital assistant remains in its infancy but the social network behind it continues to make small, helpful improvements.

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