August 4, 2022
Facebook market share

Facebook Market Share Dominates its Social Competition

Facebook market share continues to beat out its social media platform competitors, out doing Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Instagram, according to new data…

Back in 2014, the U.K. Guardian published a report about Princeton researchers’ Facebook death prediction. Those researchers projected Facebook users would decline by 80 percent by the year 2017. Then, in 2016, CNBC stated Facebook would continue to decline in popularity among teens, as Snapchat would gain. But, new data from Pew proves otherwise.

Facebook Market Share Still Outperforms its Social Media Platform Competitors

Facebook user growth is up by 18.6 million and 86 percent of 18 to 29 year-olds use the social network. The number of daily active users or DAUs, is 76 percent, compared to Instagram and Twitter, which capture about 49 percent and 42 percent, respectively. Over the past 18 months alone, the world’s largest social media platform added 8.6 million new users, ages 50 through 65. 

Facebook market share infographic
Credit: Echobox / Social Media Today

In July 2015, approximately 50 percent of Baby Boomers used Facebook, while in 2016, that percentage grew to almost 65 percent. Out of all Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram users, the vast majority also use Facebook: 92 percent, 88 percent, and 94 percent, respectively.

Facebook and Twitter account for a full 98 percent of all social traffic to news websites. Moreover, two-thirds of U.S. Facebook users go to the social network for news. Facebook alone accounts for 85 percent of all social traffic to news websites, with Twitter making up a much smaller percentage. All other social platforms combined only claim a tiny margin.

Recently, the Facebook Trending page underwent a redesign. The company also just launched two new features in Facebook Live: chat and joint video streams. Currently, the social network is testing a cross-app notification tool.

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