September 21, 2021
Facebook Marketplace user ratings

Facebook Marketplace Celebrates 2nd Anniversary with New User Ratings and AI Help

Facebook Marketplace user ratings debut, as the buy-sell platform gains artificial intelligence to help automatically categorize items and more…

About twenty-three years ago, eBay and Craigslist went live on the internet in the days of dial-up connections. Just two years ago, the world’s largest social network introduced Facebook Marketplace. In celebration of its 2-year anniversary, the service adds user ratings and also gains AI for price suggestions and auto-categorization.

Facebook Marketplace Adds AI and Gains User Ratings

Now, when people upload photos to Facebook Marketplace, a new interface pops-up, suggesting a category, along with a range of sensible prices. The technology does this by recognizing items and compares them to similar listings.

But, it’s not only helpful for sellers, Facebook Marketplace AI also can assist buyers with image search. Simply upload a picture and the AI will recommend like items listed for sale.

In the future, Facebook’s new AI tool will take all this a step further. People will have the option to upload a photo of an entire space, like a living room, and the tech will surface listings of furniture, based on comparable sizes and layouts. (Currently, it’s limited to single items, such as a chair.)

Facebook has also added buyer and seller ratings, a high-requested feature. Buyers and sellers can rate one another with a happy or sad face and choose reasons for their ratings. Although, it’s not cavalier. Buyers can only rate sellers after messaging them and sellers respond. Conversely, sellers can only rate buyers after receiving messages from buyers.

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