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Facebook Replaces “On This Day” with “Memories”

Facebook Memories replaces “On This Day,” which arrived in March 2015 to combat multiple rival third-party look-back apps…

Memories collections are popular Facebook staples. Before the social network began curating memories collections (for example: the April Moments videoSpring MemoriesJuneJuly, and AugustSummer Memories, as well as September and October memory collections), users relied on third-party apps, like Timehop.

But, that changed when Facebook On This Day rolled out on March 24, 2015. At the time, Facebook explained, “People often look back at old photos and other memories they’ve shared on Facebook, and many have told us that they enjoy products and features that make this easier.”

Facebook Memories Replaces On This Day

Now, On This Day is Facebook Memories, well, sort of. When users log onto the social site, they’ll now see “Memories” instead of “On This Day.” It appears on the main shortcut navigation menu. However, when tapping or clicking through the “ON THIS DAY” label remains on the left.

The functionality is also the same, just the shortcut and page name differs. (The page URL is now, (previously, it was

As usual, the contents are only viewable by users, unless they choose to share. The format remains the same, with yearly increments. No real changes appear in shared memories, either:

It’s curious Facebook would rebrand this considering it independently serves other memory collages. It’s a subtle change, one which many users probably won’t notice. But, it could be an indication of something to come in the near future.

[Update May 31st: It appears this was a test, rendered through a server side switch. It’s now back to Facebook On This Day. However, the URL is still]

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