August 9, 2022
Facebook Messenger 2.0

Facebook Messenger 2.0, All-Inclusive, Combines Work, Play, and Social

Facebook Messenger 2.0 integrates many life aspects, going big, with a one-stop-platform for work, play, social, payments, discovery, bots, and much more…

Facebook Messenger already supports many features but Facebook Messenger 2.0 aims to do far more, according to what David Marcus, VP of Messaging Products, told Facebook F8 Conference attendees.

Facebook Messenger 2.0 Puts Work, Play, Social, and More, Together

Facebook Messenger has 65 million businesses and Facebook Messenger 2.0 will make it a lot easier for users to discover those brands. Enter the Discover Tab, which hosts relevant bots and businesses. Facebook Messenger Codes will also receive an update. Launched last year, Messenger Codes intended to connect users, but did not catch on with users in the west. Those are getting an overhaul for more appeal.

Bots will likewise get more robust. Users can drag bots into group conversations, instead of the already familiar one-on-one environment. Spotify is already on-board with this change. So, users can easily share tracks with one another in group conversations. Other companies of note are: Uber, the Wall Street Journal, Kayak, Hipmunk, and more.

Version 2.0 will include Messenger Smart Replies, a tool which allows businesses to create their own intelligent autoresponders. The AI feature can answer questions when the social media team is off duty, providing basic information such as locations, pricing, and operating hours. M Suggestions will accompany these many features — found inside of M — the company’s virtual assistant.

And, since 1.5 billion games have already been played on Facebook Messenger, a new games tab will be part of the platform. This will give users the ability to discover new challenges, with real-time, turn-by-turn games.

Facebook Messenger recently reached 1.2 billion monthly active users. The company integrated TransferWise as another payment option back in February. And, Shopify sites began selling on Facebook Messenger in October of last year.

With its new features and expanded options, Facebook Messenger 2.0 becomes a one-stop platform for work, play, social, and more.

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