December 2, 2021
Facebook Messenger cross-app unification

It Looks Like Facebook might Return Messenger to Its Original Home in the Flagship App

New code strongly suggests Facebook will fold Messenger back into its main app, stepping closer to integrating all its messaging services…

The Facebook app family includes the world’s largest social media platform,  Instagram, Messenger, and  WhatsApp. Now, it appears at least two are coming together in a new cross-app notification test.

Facebook Messenger Cross-App Unification Test Spotted

The possible reason for the notification unification is to boost engagement across the apps by taking away the distractions from one to another. First spotted back in May of 2017, by social media analyst Mari Smith, the extent of the trial run isn’t yet known.

Just recently, Jane Manchun Wong stumbled across something quite similar. The latest version would leave Messenger as a standalone app. However, it will open Facebook, immediately going to a section labeled “Chats.”

This is reminiscent of how it worked in 2011.

Facebook is ostensibly pursuing this strategy to integrate underlying architecture. The company also plans to incorporate end-to-end encryption for improved privacy.

Facebook reportedly already has thousands of developers working on this massive project. And, plans to roll it out as early as the end of this year or the beginning of next.

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