June 21, 2022

Facebook Messenger Day Reaches 70M DAUs, MAUs Climb to 1.3B

Facebook Messenger Day, a clone of Snapchat Stories, now boasts 70 million daily active users, with the app hitting 1.3 billion monthly active users…

Social behemoth Facebook just lifted the curtain, revealing its copy of Snapchat Stories, Messenger Day, now has 70 million DAUs. This is remarkable considering the feature only rolled out six months ago.

Facebook Messenger Day Hits 70 Million Dailies, Now Claims 1.3 Billion Monthlies

By comparison, Instagram Stories reached 100 million users in two months time. And, WhatsApp Status hit 175 million users in a mere 10 weeks. Each now claims 250 million DAUs or daily active users. Competitor Snapchat, however, only has 173 million dailies. 

Messenger continues its climb and remains the top cross-OS messaging mobile app in the West. Messenger currently enjoys 1.3 billion MAUs or monthly active users. That’s an improvement from 1.2 billion in April, and 1 billion in July of last year. (WhatsApp, another Facebook chat property, also claims the same amount.)

Although, Messenger’s growth rate suffered a slight slowing. In six months, the app grew from 800 million to 1 billion but it took nine more months to reach 1.2 billion. The remaining 100 million came over a five month period. This indicates a possible saturation point for the app.

Facebook Messenger Day first launched in March. But it rolled out amongst industry and consumer criticism alike. However, it’s overcome its stigma in some ways. For instance, its video chat feature hit 245 million monthly users in December.

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