November 28, 2020
Facebook Messenger desktop dark mode

Facebook has Released a Dark Theme for its Messenger Desktop Experience but Holds Back on WhatsApp

Facebook has followed its trend of bringing dark themes to its properties, and it’s now available on Messenger for the web…

Social network Facebook has been quite quick to apply dark modes to its various products. But, it hasn’t done the same for one notable service — Messenger for desktop. That’s changing, as the option is going live.

Facebook Messenger Desktop Dark Mode goes Live

Facebook first pushed out a dark theme to its Instagram app within mere weeks of the launch of iOS 13 and Android 10. Then, the Messenger mobile application followed not long after. However, the social site didn’t include Messenger for the web, until now.

With the roll out of dark mode for Messenger desktop, there’s also a new icon. (Although, it only supports 64-bit processors.) It’s already becoming available on Windows 10, with the latest version of Messenger from the Windows Store. Facebook states it is working on adding dark theme support for macOS, as well.

Missing still is the same option for subsidiary WhatsApp. The popular platform remains conspicuously absent from the dark mode trend but that too, might come to an end sometime soon.

Dark mode offers more than a change from blinding white UIs, it also helps to reduce battery consumption on mobile devices.

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