August 9, 2022
Facebook Messenger for iOS is now two times faster and a quarter of the size

Facebook Slims Down, Speeds Up Messenger for iOS, making it 2x Faster at 1/4 the Previous Size

Facebook has released a new, quicker and lighter version of is Messenger mobile app for iOS, significantly improving performance…

Messenger first debuted in 2008, with a revamp following in 2010. In 2011, Facebook split it off as a standalone app for both Android and iOS.

Over that time, it’s gained many features — a whole host of features. So much, it’s become notoriously bloated and chock-full of unnecessary additions. Now, Facebook has reintroduced Messenger, stripping it down to make it much quicker and take up a lot less space.

Facebook Messenger for iOS is Now Two Times Faster and One-Quarter the Size

The newly redesigned Facebook Messenger for iOS is just one-quarter the previous size, making it twice as fast as before. In fact, it’s gone from a whopping 1.7 million lines of code to 360,000, an 84 percent reduction.┬áThis translates directly into better overall performance, with faster downloads and updates.

However, such a radical change means that the messaging app isn’t completely functional. As part of the rebuilding process, Facebook says that at least a few features will temporarily be unavailable until the streamlining is complete.

Raymond Endres, VP of Engineering, Messenger, writes:

“…we are rolling out a faster, smaller and simpler Messenger on iOS over the next few weeks. Messenger will load twice as fast* and will be one-fourth its original size. “

Here’s a quick explainer video by Facebook:

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