June 18, 2021
Facebook Messenger group chat admin privileges

Facebook Messenger Introduces Group Chat Admin Privileges

Facebook Messenger group chat admin privileges are now rolling out, with plenty of extras coming soon, giving users more options…

Facebook is well into the process of making Messenger a social network of its own. The company today announced it’s bringing admin privileges to group chat. The social network explains this is one of the most requested features for the app. And, with 2.5 million new groups created last year alone, now is the time to give users more control.

Facebook Messenger Group Chat Admin Privileges Debut

Facebook Messenger group chat admin privileges give users the ability to add members, remove people, and promote or demote admins. The new roles support up to 250 people at a time. (Which means it’s a good idea to disable notifications.) 

Another neat addition is the power to create custom links. This way, people can easily join the conversation. Simply tapping a link puts a person into the group. Or, it puts the user in a pending status to wait for approval.

Facebook already has a number of group chat features, which the company details:

  • Last year we introduced several new features including @mentions, making it easy to jump right back in to the conversation to answer someone’s question or to provide a response
  • We also introduced reactions, giving you an option to quickly show acknowledgement or express how you feel in an easy way with an emoji
  • Group payments make it easy to get paid back whether you’re splitting a restaurant bill or chipping in for a group gift.
  • There are also fun ways to customize group chats, making conversations more delightful with custom emoji, nicknames, a photo, and text color.

What’s more, users can start or jump into real-time voice and video chats with up to 50 participants. Just last month, Facebook introduced the ability to add other people to in-progress Messenger voice and video calls.

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